Individualized Curriculum for Children with Special Needs – A Program for every Child

Do you have a child who requires special attention, as he is a slow learner or is a kid with special needs? If so, then you might be working with therapists, special educational teachers and more. Children with developmental delays compared to neurotypical children function differently. The brain structures are different to that of their peers. As a fact, some would struggle with processing information, behavioural issues and so on. Given that, the educational curriculums are designed to spread uniformity among the standards within kindergartens, schools and other educational systems. However, considering the above scenario, there’s a need to alter certain programs.


For that matter, the educational system has developed various individualized programs to cater to the needs of the children. As a fact, these kids aren’t left behind and are given a chance to grow into successful adults in their own pace. It’s a collaboration of a team of individuals involved in the system that devises the strategies to aid these children. This team includes teachers, therapists, counsellors, students and so on. Given that, here are some multidisciplinary approaches to consider:


  • Flash cards


The idea of flash cards is to help the child gradually pick up on easy to hard words in a gradual manner. As a fact, this is one of an effective method that is used for children with special needs and developmental delays. These are helpful in word building, identifying words and other cognitive developmental facets.


  • Visuals


For children with auditory processing problems such as ADHD, autism, etc. visual instructions, educational material is highly effective. Since, the auditory processing time is slow, visuals are helpful in directing behaviour.


  • Auditory books, videos, etc.


There are children who struggle with reading, either due to language delays or neurological problems such as dyslexia. As a fact, there are study aids such as audio reading books, videos, etc. that are useful in helping the kids to read.


  • Printed materials


Furthermore, there are students who have illegible handwriting due to under developed fine motor muscles. As a fact, you could include various printed materials to individualized educational program to develop this area. For instance using dotted or outlined letter sheets, double line book, etc.


  • Play activities


Play has been shown to be a strong and effective method to help children with special needs. For any individual there should be a level of motivation in order to want to learn and retain what’s been learnt. As a fact, you could incorporate sensory play, gross-motor play, social skills development and so on.


You need to understand that, the child with a particular developmental issue will respond to the individualized plan differently than another. For instance considering a child with ADHD versus a child with Dyslexia and so on. As a fact, it’s important that the program is tailored to maximize and enhance the skills that the child already has.